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What's on my easel now? Garden Cottage

Garden Cottage: Gouache on w/c paper 8x11in.

2/7/2019 With this painting, I wanted to explore the more colourful qualities of gouache paint - a medium that is now my favourite for smallish quick paintings.

In the first session, I started off with a pencil sketch and had time to add a little paint to the sky.

In the subsequent session I was able to quickly add the background trees, then the roof tiles were added somewhat loosely, followed by the doorway on the left and underpainting on the house wall, which will eventually show as just the mortar between bricks.

Session 3 was spent almost entirely adding the brickwork! This was very tedious, but fascinating at the same time - I have never painted every brick in a painting before, rather just suggest a few bricks here and there. In this case, I think it works quite good.

Had fun with session 4 painting the front door, windows and playing with the plants and flowers.

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